Experience Friesland as never before: the ENJOY LIFESTYLE HOUSEBOAT offers you unlimited holiday fun. Make the most of your trip around the Frisian lakes and enjoy Frisian culture. Make your holiday dream come true! Enjoy a dream holiday in Friesland!

Start your holiday with a dive from your own terrace, drink coffee on your own deck, enjoy the marvellous view, prepare a meal in the great kitchen, have a drink while the sun sets and reminisce about another lovely day aboard the ENJOY and top it all with a good night’s sleep in great beds!


The Southwest Corner of Friesland is famous for its many beautiful lakes, which offer sailing pleasure for days on end. You can also take the ENJOY out for a trip. We will provide you with an experienced skipper to take the helm! The Lifestyle Houseboat is permanently moored near the yacht harbour De Vrijheid (The Freedom) in Warns.

  • Super cool Houseboat overlooking the Johan Friso Canal near a private islet bordering the yacht harbour De Vrijheid in Warns, 5km form Stavoren.
  • Many Leeuwarden2018 events are scheduled to take place in the Southwest Corner as well.
  • Along the Eleven Cities route to Stavoren.
  • Including a slide that dips into the water from the sun deck!
  • It is possible to book all kinds of extras, like a dinghy or a sailing tour.
  • The boat is completely self-sufficient thanks to its 8 solar panels and is fitted with a very silent electric propulsion motor.

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Contact address:

Ds. L. Tinholtstraat 2

M. +31 (0)6-42861953

W. www.lifestylehouseboat.nl