Hotel Lemmer:
“A great way to begin your visit to Leeuwarden 2018, and the beautiful province of Fryslân!”

Hotel Lemmer borders the cosy city centre of Lemmer. All shops, terraces, restaurants and cafés are within walking distance of the hotel. Because of its beautiful location on the shores of Lake IJsselmeer and the Frisian inland waterways, Lemmer is known as a great marina for water sports enthusiasts.

Hotel Lemmer is housed in three different buildings: the Mastenmakerij, the Heechhus and the Zeilmakerij. The monumental Mastenmakerij is the central building and was fully renovated and converted into a hotel in 2015. All three buildings have their own distinct identity and atmosphere. This allows for a wide range of room choices. Ranging from standard to luxurious and from single rooms to rooms that can accommodate up to 6 guests. We offer something for everyone. The three unique buildings are linked to one another by a beautiful garden and terrace.

Leeuwarden – the 2018 Cultural Capital of Europe – is just a half-hour drive away from Lemmer and can also be conveniently reached by public transport. Hotel Lemmer: a great way to begin, and a pleasant conclusion to, your visit to Leeuwarden 2018 and the beautiful province of Fryslân.

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Polderdijk 1
8531EW Lemmer

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